Genral Terms of business

Dear participants!

Before registration we ask you to read the following points carefully.

The alpine centre of Wildschönau appears exclusively as a travel mediator. For the realisation of our offers certified mountain guides and ski leaders, authorised Bergwanderführer, checked Canyoningführer and guides are responsible by themselfs. They are liability-insured.

In case of a provided travel achievement the travel terms of the provided achievement bearer (tour operator, Airlines, hotels etc.) apply.
The alpine centre of Wildschönau assumes no liability in accidents, misfortunes, losses or other irregularities. Hence, you renounce any assertion of compensation and claims towards the alpine centre of Wildschönau.

In particular it is expelled to the fact that the called conditions (condition, technical knowledge and equipment) are a component of the contract between the alpine centre of Wildschönau and the participant. Participants that do not  fulfil these conditions, must reckon on being excluded from single (or to all) hikings / tours. Instructors and leaders are entitled to exclude at the beginning and still during the course or the trip a participant who does not fulfil recognizably these conditions, all or part from the event programme; as far as we thereby save expenditures, we refund for the participant their value. We recommend (epsecially with  more demanding trips) to consult a doctor beforehant.


Mountaineering without risk is not possible. Our mountain guides plan their tours with best knowledge and conscience. By their education and their sense of responsibility towards the guests they can reduce the risk. However, mountaineering without risk is even with a mountain guide not possible, because the nature is unpredictable (rockfall, ice fall, column fall, avalanches …) a measure in self-assessment and circumspection is demanded of all participants. You should consider this on making your reservation and be aware of these circumstances.


On receipt of the registration confirmation a deposit of 50€ is due within 14 days. The rest of the amount is to be transferred at the latest 21 days before the respective beginning to our account. Transfer to other dates or places are possible only at the latest 21 days before the travel beginning. Condition for a transfer is, that to the wish of the participant can be corresponded. For the transfers which are arranged by the participant we must calculate in general a handling charge of 40€ per person.                                                       

Changes and separate arrangements are possible in particular cases.


With foreign tours individual payment terms are put by us.


Raiffeisen bank of Wörgl Kufstein

Account number: 112136
IBAN: AT713635800000112136


please take the extent of our achievements from the descriptions and pictures as well as prices in our program offer. (Internet site, prospectuses, flyers, outdoor advertising etc.).
All prices refer on in the point "Achievements"  described information. Overnight stay, catering as well as journey are, if not mentioned diefferent, to pay  from the participant independently. There is the possibility in all events with the mountain guide to arrive. A participation in the travel expenses is obligat.

The alpine centre of Wildschönau expressly reserves itself the right to explain a change of the prospectus data from essentially entitled, considerable and not predictable reasons before completion of the contract about which the travel participant is informed before reservation. Changes or Divergences from the prospectus descriptions during the trip are possible on account of the kind of a mountain trip at any time, because on the basis of street relations, bad weather, official arbitrariness among other things the travel course given in the prospectus description cannot be guaranteed. The prospectus advertising shows in this respect even the planned travel course without guaranteeing the exact expiry in detail. The additional agreements which change the extent of the contractual achievements need a written confirmation. The leaders of all events and trips are mountain guides. Their orders is aboslutely to be obeyed.

Should circumstances enter with which the alpine centre of Wildschönau has to break off tours, move at another place or to break off generally no money claims are to be asserted.
The possible add-on costs which originate from it go to loads of the participant.

A resignation by a participant on account of the change of the programme occurs to under point "Resignation" to performed conditions.


A suitable assurance is a thing of the participants. We recommend to have an accident insurance and health insurance (high mountain risk, recovery and rescue costs enclosed), as well as a travel resignation assurance.

Lending material

With the lending material which we make available to our guests for free the costs are for loss or repair (which go out the normal Abnützung) from the participant to carry.

Least number of participants

Courses, excursions and mountain travelling can be carried out basically only if the necessary least number of participants is reached, unless from the respective travel advertising something else arises. If the least number of participants is not reached, we are entitled to withdraw till 1 week before the travel beginning from the contract. You get back then the deposited travel price by full height. If we make use of our right to rescind, however, you wish still the realisation of the trip, this shows an absolutely new offer. We can accept this then only for a price newly to be calculated of which we inform you. If you agree with the price newly to be calculated, a new contract on whose base the event is carried out comes about that.

Achievement changes and price changes

The printed out prices correspond to the state known by pressure lapping.

Price changes reserved.
Resignation-cancelation fees

Resignation-cancelation fees

You can withdraw any time before the course beginning or travel beginning from the reservation. You must do this in your interest in written form. The resignation becomes effective on the day in which it arrives at the alpine centre of Wildschönau.

With resignation become the following compensations, covered to the whole price, charged:

  • till 2 weeks before become 50%,
  • afterwards 80% of the whole price of us withhold.

We recommend  a travel resignation assurance.

Contract abolition with unusual circumstances

If the realisation of an event from the programme is as a result of the unusual circumstances which we do not have to represent (war, strike, Riots, epidemics, orders, and the like) considerably complicated, threatened or affected, you can withdraw as well as us from the travel contract or give notice. For already produced or achievements still to be produced a compensation suitable to value is entitled to us.

Restriction of the liability

The alpine centre of Wildschönau appears in all events as a mediator, provided that, nevertheless, on offer differently explained, no liability does not take over with misfortunes, losses or other irregularities. Price changes and program modifications are left out. Prices and achievements contain the legal taxes.

With all trips the participation in the mountaineer's part of the event occurs on the base as an independent mountaineer. The ascents / descents occur on own responsibility and on own risk under the management of the mountain or tour guide. A considerable measure in circumspection is assumed of every participant. Hence, the organizer assumes no liability with misfortunes, damages or other irregularities which arise within the scope of the mountaineer's part of the trip. This is confirmed by the participant expressly by his registration. All events and trips are prepared by us conscientiously. For summit success or fulfilment subjectively of introduced destinations we can take over no guarantee. It lies in the nature of the events that a certain rest risk and an uncertainty continues for the customer what also puts out the charm of such events. You should consider this with your reservation and be aware of these circumstances.

The judgement of the relations and the abilities of the participants during the trip or the course which to changes of the programme are able to lead are left to the mountain guide, travelling leader etc. and can lead to no remuneration claims.
Weather, relations, abilities of the participants as well as health aspects do not confront us by the respective realisation of a programme every now and then with border areas often clearly are recognizable. These dangers are known to you by the confirmed registration.

Legal venue and fulfilment is 6311 Wildschönau. Austrian right is agreed, this regardless of the nationality of the participant and the damage place.

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State October, 2010